Bachchan to attend Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt

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Cairo (PTI): Megastar Amitabh Bachchan
will be attending the Luxor African
Film Festival in Egypt this month.
“Bachchan will be in the ancient city
from March 20 to 22.
He will be accompanied by wife Jaya
Bachchan and daughter Shweta Nanda,”
India’s Ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharyya
told PTI.
Bachchan’s last visit to Egypt was in 2015
when he inaugurated the third edition of
the ‘India by the Nile’ festival.
This time also the star’s visit will happen
during ‘India by the Nile’, but he will not
be attending the festival, celebrated by
Embassy of India in Cairo.
‘India by the Nile,’ which starts from
Wednesday and goes on till April 27, will
begin with projecting the Indian flag on
the Great Pyramid of Giza.
“This year we focus on collaboration between
the two countries,” the Ambassador
There will be an event called ‘Living
Walls: Street Art,’ in which Egyptian artist
Mohamed Abla and Indian artist Yogesh
Saini will invite school students to paint
on walls.
The cultural fest will also see a football
match between India and Egypt’s under-
16 national teams.
“We are very excited about this event because
football now is a national mission
in India, which our Prime Minister Modi
just launched a few weeks ago.
“We now have a big programme to develop
our youth team so that by the time
they are grown up they would be a little
better,” the Ambassador adds.
The team will be in Egypt for four days,
during which they will play two matches.
The festival will also honour the women
power with “Women of Substance”
I am sure about myself and don’t feel insecure: Shahid Kapoor
Mumbai (PTI): Actor Shahid
Kapoor says he is confident
about his craft and does not
feel insecure when working in
a two hero film.
There have been reports of
rivalry between him and Ranveer
Singh over sharing screen
time in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s
upcoming magnum opus
Shahid’s latest outing “Rangoon”
is also a two-hero film
in which he has shared screen
space with Saif Ali Khan.
“If you are insecure as a person
then you will be insecure
in any situation. If you are a
secure person and if you are
sure about yourself then nothing
matters,” Shahid told PTI,
when asked if there is any insecurity
or rivalry when two
actors come together for a
“I am very much sure about
myself and my work. I will feel
insecure only when I feel I will
be lesser than somebody, but
I don’t think I am lesser than
anybody. I am not here to say
I am better than anybody but
definitely I’m not lesser,” the
“Haider” star adds.
Asked if he was upset with
reports of clash between him
and Ranveer, the 36-year-old
star says, “I had read the script
(of ‘Padmavati’) 20 days before
I started shooting. So, from my
side I just wanted to work with
Sanjay Leela Bhansali.”
Ranveer and actress Deepika
Padukone, who have worked
with Bhansali in his last two
films, have always praised the
director for getting out the best
from actors.
To this, Shahid says, “Yes absolutely,
without any doubt.
I have shot with him for 25
days and I know the only way
to work with him is to up your
The actor wonders why the
“Bajirao Mastani” filmmaker is
often called a hard task master.
“I don’t know why people say
that about him. He is trying to
do his best and I love working
with people who want the
best. I have not had so much
fun working with anyone so
far (other than Bhansali),” he
“I feel this is the most exciting
opportunity of my career
so far. It is an amazing opportunity.
I think I have never had
such great time with any filmmaker,”
Shahid adds