Burnaby proclaims April 14 as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Day of Equality


APRIL 6, 2020, is a historical day for City of Burnaby.  It is the day when the Council of the City of Burnaby proclaimed April 14 as the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Day of Equality.

Who was Dr. Ambedkar and what is his relevance to the City of Burnaby, some may ask?

“While Dr. Ambedkar was born in India, his mission for equality is relevant across the globe”, says Councillor Sav Dhaliwal who read the proclamation during an open council meeting in Burnaby on April 6.

“We are also proud to have Dr. Ambedkar’s portrait enshrined in the deliberation room at the city as a reminder to uphold values of equality when the council is making significant decisions”, said Councillor Dhaliwal.

Dr. Ambedkar was born in a community of Dalits, formerly known as ‘untouchables’ in India.  After graduating from fine institutions such as London School of Economics and Columbia University, Dr. Ambedkar was given the responsibility to chair the drafting committee of India’s Constitution – a legal framework based on pillars of equality, liberty and fraternity.

“We are very pleased with the leadership and support provided by the Burnaby Council and for proclaiming April 14, birthday of Dr. Ambedkar, as the equality day in Burnaby.  This gives us all a moment to take a pause and celebrate the contributions of Dr. Ambedkar in evolving India as the world’s largest democracy”, said Jai Birdi, General Secretary of Chetna Association of Canada.

The proclamation reads as follows:

Whereas Canada is a multicultural diverse country; and

Whereas Concerns about inequality and inequity continue to be experienced globally and efforts to eradicate inequalities need to be supported and strengthened; and,

Whereas Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, born in India, on April 14, 1891, in a community of Dalits (previously known as ‘untouchables’), arose through the ranks and chaired the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly to make and enact the new constitution of India; and

Whereas Indian Constitution stipulates the lofty ideals of Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity was made, enacted and adopted in 1950; and

Whereas the dedicated efforts and vision of Dr. Ambedkar to bring about a just social and economic order should be celebrated not only in India but rest of the world as well.





  1. Such a powerful initiative and an important step in bringing awareness to the true impact Dr. B.R. Ambedkar has and continues to have on directing us towards equality. Thank you City of Burnaby!

  2. I am pleased and proud of the Mayor, Hurley for recognizing “Dr. Ambedkar Day of Equality” in the city if Burnaby. This shows that Canadians recognizes and value the life and mission of a great man- Dr. Ambedkar.

  3. AISRO Canada have are proud of Mayor of City Burnaby Mike Hurley to recognize Ambedkar’s Philosophy in Canada.
    Specially thanks to Sav Dhaliwal Counselor city of Bunbury and Jai Birdi G.Secretary of Chetna Association

  4. This is great integration with Birth anniversary of baba saheb . article 14 also equality before law

  5. Great job…Very much glad to hear…Conveying thanks to Council of city of Burnaby for honouring great leader Bharat Ratna Dr.B R Ambedkar.

  6. Great respect to the leader who is known as symbol of equality. Also great is Burnbay people and their Mayor Mr Mike Hurley

  7. Great! Recognition given by the western world but still in India situation is otherwise.
    Thanks “Chetna”, Burnaby’s Mayor and Mr Sav Dhaliwal, the Councilor of Burnaby.
    “Jai Bheem”

  8. Prof.Dr.V.RAMAYYAN
    MA., MA,.M.Phil.,B.Th, BD., M.Div., Ph.D.Ph.D.

    Historian, Author of Religious & Social Books.

    National Vice President REPUBLICAN PARTY OF INDIA (A)

    Conveying it’s sincere THANKS TO CITY OF BRUNABY. And the MAYOR Mr.MIKE HURLEY

  9. Great work by the mayor of Burnaby to recognise Dr B R Ambedkar who stood for the upliftment of the downtrodden and known as a symbol of Knowledge ?

    • Yes true .Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is Vishwaratna ie A Great Man globally recognized for his movements for Equality,Liberty,Fraternity and Jusice…great work done by the Mayor…Gopichand j k

  10. COVID-19 is changing the minds of people around the world slowly.
    The concept of untouchability in India is spread over the world in the form of social distancing in view of COVID-19.
    At least people around the world start changing there minds towards Humnaity.

  11. In doing so,the Canadians have honoured themselves.A Great Salute to them.Baba Saheb’s vision is relevant even today and will be for ever.Jai Bheem.

  12. I am the initiator of the proposal of “International Day of Equality”. I post herewith my letter of congratulations and greetings to the Mayor of the City of Burnaby.:

    Ambassador Ramesh Chander
    E-mail: rc2345@yahoo.com
    Tele/WharsApp: + 91-9988510940

    April 8, 2020
    Hon’ble Mayor,
    This is with regard to the Proclamation of April 6, 2020 made by the City of Burnaby under your stewardship with regard to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Day of Equality. I, as a proud initiator of the proposal to the Government of India and the UN to declare April 14, birth anniversary of the great leader of humanity, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, feel elated in congratulating and greeting you and the friendly people of the great city of Burnaby on this great job to honour the greatest son of India. The City of Burnaby has shown us the way. I am confident that the Government of India, the UN and the international community will consider and work together to celebrate Equality to bring about peace and harmony in the strife torn world.
    We will move forward with your support and solicit the favour of the Government of India and the international community in making a demarche to the UN to declare April 14 as “International Day of Equality” I will remain available at your disposal for any further enquiry on the subject in pursuing the proposal.
    With my highest considerations to Your Honour.
    Yours truly,

    (Ramesh Chander)

    Mr. Mike Hurley
    Lord Mayor,
    City of Burnaby

  13. I believe that Government of India will consider the proposal in right earnest and will declare 14 April as ‘Day of Equality’ on the birthday of Great son of India.

  14. It’s a great job Mr Mike Hurley
    Lord Mayor city of Burnaby Canada. Salute to you sir.

  15. Salute for giving such a great honour to baba saheb dr b r ambedkar and india will take inspiration from this. Jai bheem jai bharat

  16. Thank you sir for celebrating day of equality. proud moment.Dr.B.R . Ambedkar stands for equality, and humanity.

  17. It’s an incredibly proud moment for every Indian!!

    Thank you Mr. Mike Hurley (Mayor of Burnaby), Mr. Jai Birdi (General Secretary of Chetna Association of Canada) and Councillor Mr. Sav Dhaliwal.

    We are forever grateful. ?

  18. Proud of you mayor sir.,and the citizens of the Burnaby of Canada for recognising the works of Dr.ambedkar his vision regarding equality and his commitment towards the then untouchables ..we salute to the people of.canada.

  19. Nice to giving awarness to of equality. Thanks burnaby( Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ) raise the words.jai bheem

  20. This is a greate pleasure for Ambedkarites of world and specially for Indian followers

  21. A great personality in the world, who brought the equality before law. I salute the thought of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Thanks for initiating the job done by mayor of Burnaby, Canada.

  22. Great! Recognition given by the western world but still in India situation is otherwise.
    Thanks “Chetna”, Burnaby’s Mayor and Mr Sav Dhaliwal, the Councilor of Burnaby.
    “Jai Bheem”


  23. My heart felt wishes and gratitude to the people of mayor city of Burnaby whole heartedly recognise the great evergreen leader of india Dr B R Ambedkar father of india constitution has decided April 14 as international day equality

  24. First of all i give vote of thamks for Canadian great brothers you have given such great honar to indian father of equality. Narwade gr maharastra

  25. To
    The Lord Mayor,
    City of Burnaby,

    I perceive this move as a significant one to remember, celebrate and follow the teachings of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the greatest scholar the world has ever seen. As an ardent follower of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, I feel proud and honoured by this proclamation. The name of Dr. Ambedkar will appear till the existence of human beings on earth.

    Thank you.
    Prof. Balaji Subramaniam

  26. A true jeweller can only recognise the diamond and it’s value. Salut to Lord Mayor.

  27. Heartly congregation to Mr. Mike Hurley. It is a great day to choose as a equality, on the day of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Birthday.

  28. Mr Madev Buddha
    Chamarajanagar INDIA. +919481336689.
    Email : buddhagranites@gmail.com
    Thank to city of Burnaby and the Mayor Mr.Mike Hurley and councilor of Burnaby.
    We are very Proud of you.
    Great leader Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ambedkar Birth Anniversary April 14th.

  29. Great job -PROCLAIM APRIL 14 AS
    “DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR DAY OF EQUALITY” Thank you city of Burnaby

  30. Congratulations Mr Mayor in recognising the visionary leadership of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, you have shown the spirit of true statesmanship. I have no hesitation in state that entire world will follow suit in recognising the greatness of Dr
    Babasaheb Ambedkar.

  31. Great Man in the world ever and forever?? Thank you for taking such a great decision. We Indians always support you.
    We should salute and remembering him all days. Jai Bheem??

  32. Greatest man in the world ever and forever?? Thank you for taking such a great decision. We Indians always support you.
    We should salute and remembering him all days. Jai Bheem??

  33. Great initiative. All initiators deserves immense respect. Better late than never , world community realising the utility of the vision of the greatest visionary Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Congratulations n greetings to all equality and equity lovers of the universe on the eve of coming birth anniversary.
    Jai Bheem, jai Bharat.

  34. Editor, The Indi-Canadian Voice,

    Thank you for publishing the news report promptly and enabling patrons of Dr. Ambedkar and champions of social justice to cherish and celebrate this milestone. We are also very grateful to see comments from all over the world. Thank you everyone.

    I would like to share our appreciation to Mayor Hurley, Councillor Dhaliwal, and the entire Burnaby City Council for proclaiming April 14 as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Wquality Day. April 2021 will mark the 130th birth anniversary year of Dr. Ambedkar. This proclamation gives the needed momentum to start the planning.

    Last but not least, on behalf of Chetna Association of Canada, We are grateful to Ambassador Chander (IFS, Retired, India) for planting the seed about 4 years ago and inspiring us to take this step. This has been a team effort and we are thankful to everyone who has provided a support.

    Jai Bhim to all.

  35. Ammbedkar Center for Justice and Peace, (Global NGO)…I must Congratulate Mayor Hurley, Mr. Dhaliwal, and my friend Jay Birdi along with H.E.Ambassador Chander for this great news of Equality Day. on 14 April- The Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar-the Greatest Humanist of 20th Century, and Chief Architect of Indian Constitution….
    I want to congratulate also Ambassador Chander for proposing UN to declare 14 April as equality day and India to push for this..Not long ago I met Ambassador Akbaruddin, Permanent Representative at UN to propose 14 April as Social Justice Day at UN..He said that most of the days are blocked in UN. And probably UNESCO may be open…So if UN can consider for Equality Day as Amb. Chander said, it is a very good news…PL proceed..In fact we should add Annual Global Award thru UN
    and India should create this thru Ministry Of Social Justice and Empowerment with 10 Million $ Endowment permanently like India did in Oxford and Harvard..I am very proud of Chetana social work…Jaibhim and Metta…Yogesh Varhade, …..victoryandpeace1449@gmail.com…+919619415770 WhatsApp…mumbai

  36. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, we call this great personality as our father, today whatever we are because of his dedication and sincere work for the upliftment of all the untouchables, tribes and backword classes of India, we are proud of him. Thank you Babasahab

  37. Many many congratulations MrHurley for having declared the birthday ofDrBRAmbedkar as the day of Equality liberty n fraternity inBurnaby.l also express my gratitude to Mr Ramesh chander who is making the world to understand the greatest humanist.

  38. Thanks for recognising the contribution of Baba Saheb Dr BR Ambedkar for global peace and harmony.
    Salute to Dr. Ambedkar and the people of Burnaby.

  39. Proud of Burnaby Councillor Sav Dhariwal , Chetna VAncouver team & all local leaders for great news celebrating Equality Day As Baba Sahib’s philosophy in Canada He is the Maha Nyak of world We all New Yorkers USA Thanks for great move

  40. The one of the greatest fighter for humanbeing ..Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar..And therefore I shall be offered my salute till the life….

  41. Relevance of Dr Ambedkar can never be overstated in a modern civilised world, in the backdrop of the work he did on ground towards the goals of liberty, equality and fraternity in his life time, in the times of extreme opposition by the castiest society of India. Well done, City of Burnaby! Well done Mayor Mike Hurley!!

  42. We are really feeling proud that world is recognises our Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.His thought changes the value of human kind.We are always followers of Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar..
    Grand Salute.

  43. Thank you Sir. Proud to say : Dr Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar GOD of poor people, sc/st community.

  44. In canada at city of burnaby Maha honour of maha Manav Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar,person who wrote constitution of india,by mayor of burnaby

  45. Thank you sir
    We are proud of you for recognition of Hon’ble Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar as great leader of Humanity.

  46. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar emphasis on the Ideology of Socialism & Secularism.He was a harbinger of universalbrotherhood in respect of Caste,colour,sex,religion and place of birth.He is deserved to get the honour and respected throught the globe.
    Thank you for greeting Dr.Ambedkar.

  47. Great Congratulations to Counselor of CANADA Sav Dhaliwal & Mayor of city Burnaby Mike Hurley .

  48. I am so Happy to listen This great Equality day of April 14 as Dr B R Ambedkar,s birth day

  49. Really The right vision looks at right great persons contribution in the making of global visionary Like Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar hatsup mayor sir of [Burnaby]

  50. We have proud of foreign country who knows work of unity and democracy from Dr.babasaheb ambedkar .but babaeaheb born in India and work for all comunitis then why Indian government haven’t thought about babaeaheb immortal job since 1956.indian political leaders having untouchable thinking up to this time what a shame.

  51. A great tribute to the greatest humanitarian , Babasaheb who smashed the shackles of inequalities for ever and ever.Mr Mayor deserves kudos for this amazing initiative by declaring Babasaheb s’ birthday as Equality Day.I also salute Dhaliwalji and Birdiji for their unstinted efforts resulting into this achievement.Pl keep it up.

  52. The eminent work of Honerable Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar to humanity is immeasurable. My Special gratitude to Mayor Hurley and Councillor Dhaliwal of Burnaby, Canada for this great great intiative. It’s indeed an act of great reverence to Visionary and committment to the Humanity. That’s showing the true way of celebration.
    Heartiest Congratulations to all ! Indeed a very Proud moment.

  53. Big salute to you ,sir.

    We are proud be the ambedkarites .

    For the proclamation

  55. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar……we the daliths in India treat him as our Savior and today whatever we are because of his dedication and sincere work for the upliftment of all the untouchables, tribes and backword classes of India, we are proud of his kids. We, appreciate the move taken by the city of Burnaby which become a beacon to the other administrative setups all over the globe

  56. He spent all his life for equality, struggling for it till the end of his life .I think so .This is a fair honor for him.

  57. Salute! Salute! Salute! to the Mayor and his team for recognizing the equality and brotherhood principals and values uphold by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar the pioneer of democracy in its spirit and words amidst extreme adversities socially, economically and politically, experienced by him personally as an untouchable and as a part of untouchable caste. Such kind of international recognition of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s life and work is long overhauled and limited to otherwise hostile India (nation which prides in Babasaheb’s work only to gain self political aggrandizement) and the world needs to reckon the true leader in Babasaheb Ambedkar and his life struggle to uplift the democratic values socially, economically and politically which at present for mere political reasons sabotage by congress portrayed Mahatma Gandhi for last 60 yrs by hiding the vicious caste-minded fangs of Mahatma Gandhi (well document by Mr. Gandhi in his own Gujarthi vernacular publication “Harijan Bandu”. Also Mr. Gandhi’s racist/pro-Nazi views are well- published but under-reported) of which Babasaheb Ambedkar himself experienced during historical “Poona-Pact -Ramsay MacDonald Communal Award”. Now is the time to give due recognition to the truly deserved father of modern world Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as we all impartially re-write the history in today’s free information accessible world wide web giving credit to those who truly deserve. The Burnby Proclamation by Mayor Mike Hurley and his team is one such step and we all pro-democratic people salute this effort and hope many more would follow in near future. Jai Bhim!

  58. Social morality is each one’s responsibility . Dr. Bhimiji struggled through out his life to bring the social morality. Now the world is recognizing this. Thanks to counselor of Canada Save Dhaliwal and Mayor of city Burnaby. Hats up.

  59. I feel immense proud being Canadian, born Indian.

    The life Dr. Ambedkar had is examplary, the vision he produced in Constitution of India is eye opening for world.

    Many thanks for recognizing him, his efforts of equality.

    Warmest Regards

  60. Congratulations to Chetna Association of Canada and City of Burnaby Council for proclamation of April 14 as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar day of Equality. This is a remarkable step toward spreading Baba Sahab teachings of Brotherhood, humanity, equality and liberty. Many thanks to all who put their memorable efforts to make this happen

  61. Canada is very trustworthy and honest& true country.Good wishes to public of Brunaby city.

  62. Absolutely wonderful initiative dear city council of Burnaby. I’m so thankful n proud of you dear mayor n councilor of Burnaby.
    I heartily congratulate all of you for more honourable n memorable event Dr.B.R Ambedkar day of equality.
    Thank you so much.
    Jai Bheem ❤️? ❤️

  63. Thanks to Mayor Mike Harley Dr.BR Ambedkar is truly Man of Millennium…..
    British Museum in the world’s most famous Museum. The Library section of the Museum was opened in 1857. Babasaheb’s portrait and books are kept on the right hand side as we enter the circular library. They are kept along with the works of such luminaries like Karl Marx, Lenin, Barnard Shaw and other greatest intellectual giants of the world. We asked for M.K.Gandhi’s books and the librarian said they had none. Gandhi wrote no book except his own autobiography. Dr. Ambedkar, his intellectual and political achievements are well known to all the intellectuals we met at Cambridge and Oxford Universities. London School of Economics and other places. India has not produced an intellectual giant of his stature after “independence”. Dr.Ambdekar injected LIFE in the skeleton of independence Gandhi, Nehru and other patriots gave skeleton of independence; but Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had infused/injected LIFE in it, for one may believe or not (Ref: Jai Bhim Weekly, 17/04/05, Marathi Periodical from Nagpur , author: Tarachand Khandekar) . This is because of incredible Constitution of India , we the 1 billion Indians are united under the Constitution of India . Many attempted to split up, but remained futile as no part of India have so far been split up since more than 5 decade. Isn’t it a miracle? Whereas, Pakistan had 3 times military rule, where king is like lion and people are like lamb. Having been so, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Former PM of Pakisthan) was hanged by military ruler General Zia-Ul-Haq. Indeed, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar had really injected life in the skeleton of the independence. He was “Samson of Intellect” and world treats him as “One of the 6 best brains of the world hitherto”. “Freedom can be given easily (as Pakistan got it), but wisdom cannot.” Indeed, he saved India by way of his incredible treatise – The Constitution of India . It is just like Gulliver (Dr.Ambedkar) saved Lilliputians (people) of India , aftermath of independence and hitherto (Since 58 years). Dr. Ambedkar had stated, “As long as our parliamentary democracy is alive, our country will remain safe.” It is the tragedy of Indians generally BSO don’t accept it. Why BSO generally don’t accept the Constitution? This is because: “There is no place in the Constitution for Hinduism, casteism, inequality and also no place to convert GENTLEMAN into WILD BEING (Haiwaan). Hence BSO ever oppose the Constitution.” Also, it is necessary to reiterate, “World marches towards knowledge, competence, skill, ability and worth; whereas India marches towards Caste system. In caste system, man’s worth is determined on the basis of birth and it is strictly followed by arresting Bahujans to progress by means of tools – Sam, Dam, Dand, Bhed and other such hatred and conspire-prone strategies. BSO ever intervene in the field of life of Bahujans by denying or not implementing statutory reservations as enshrined in the Constitution of India . It is a great co-incidence in the world history that a man (Dr.Ambedkar) has written MORAL book – BUDDHA AND HIS DHAMMA & LEGAL book – THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA . This is incomparable and unique example that never find in world history hitherto. Dr. Ambedkar was entitled as Samson of Intellect, the Greatest Humanist of India ever produced. He is one of the 6th (incomparable) best brains of the world hitherto. He is Proven Voltaire of India . He is Gulliver of Lilliputian-India and other such world level titles/honors are in his credit. Having been so, with his incredible Herculean tasks and his mammoth, weighty & towering personality, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar indeed stands as “MAN OF THE MILLENNIUM

  64. Proud to be the inheritors of babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar . We are very thankful to Burnaby people and the mayor for proclaiming the day of Dr.Ambedkar birthday as the day of equality.We are also waiting for the Indian government’s decision like as Burnaby proclamation…..Jai Bheem

  65. Salute to Hon. Mike Hurley Mayor for the city of Burnaby Mr. Sav Dhaliwal Councellor and team and Mr.Jai Virdi chetna association of canada.

  66. I salute Mr Dhaliwal and the Council of city of Burnaby and its Mayor Mr Miike Hurley and the citizenry for recognising the importance of the fundamental freedoms and the rights of equality

  67. We the Dalits of India say thank you to the Mayor of Burnaby city, Canada for declaring Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s birthday April 14th as the DAY OF EQUALITY.

  68. ANBARASU. S., M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed., General Secretary, Ambedkar people National Movement, Pallavaram, Chennai, India. Hon. Mayor of Burnaby,Canada Mr. Mike Hurley salute you for announcing April 14th is the day of Equality. Dr. Ambedkar is a Legend and an Intelectual who is a light house for the down troddens of India and we are fighting for our rights and equality in social status. He is not only a National leader of India but a world leader. Thank you sir for honouring Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

  69. I really appreciate Canadians for recognizing Dr. Ambedkars contribution to humanity .A great personality for the entire world to fight against the evils of society .

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