Dr. Olumuyiwa Bamgbade charged with sexual assault

IN August of 2020, the Delta Police Department (DPD) began investigating a complaint of sexual assault allegedly committed by a doctor practicing in Delta.

In May 2021, the DPD recommended a charge of sexual assault in relation to the complaint; however, Crown counsel declined to approve charge as the threshold of “substantial likelihood of conviction” could not be met.

Following the conclusion of the DPD’s investigation, the doctor moved his practice to Surrey. In July 2022, the Surrey RCMP received a complaint against the same doctor and began an investigation. In September 2022, Surrey RCMP announced that Dr. Olumuyiwa Bamgbade had been charged with one count of sexual assault.

The announcement of the Surrey charge resulted in the attempt by DPD investigators to cultivate further evidence and resubmit the 2020 Delta complaint to the Crown; however, this incident did not reach a level of charge approval.

As a result of the Surrey RCMP announcement, DPD investigators were contacted by two new complainants alleging they had been sexually assaulted while receiving treatment by the same physician. The DPD Sexual Offence Section initiated two new investigations.

Investigators were able to establish enough evidence in one of the reported incidents, resulting in the recommendation of charges to Crown counsel for incidents that occurred between July 16 and October 21, 2019. Evidence meeting the threshold of a charge recommendation was not established in the second allegation.

On March 16, 2023, Crown Counsel approved a single charge of sexual assault against Bamgbade.

On March 20, Bamgbade has a scheduled court appearance in relation to the Surrey charge, where he will address the new charge from the investigation in Delta.

Bamgbade operates a clinic called Salem Anaesthesia Pain Clinic at 6638 152A Street in Surrey. It was previously located at #103 8425 120 Street in Delta.



Anesthesiologist at Surrey pain clinic charged with sexual assault