EXPERIENCES: A boss who went out of his way to help  


Jaspal Gill (left) and Dale Beck.


Hearing Officer


LIFE is full of experiences and I see myself a perfect fit in those experiences.

I moved to Regina last year in July to complete my licensing process with the Law Society of Saskatchewan. Since this place was new to me and I had to make my living here, I decided to engage in volunteer work. I contacted Regina Public Library to volunteer as a tutor to newcomers. I started volunteering at RPL that made a big difference in my life. I made good friends and a mentor I can rely on at all times in life.

Last year in July, I also contacted Dale Beck, Director of Office of Residential Tenancies and a Chair of Provincial Mediation Board in Regina, to find out if their office offers volunteer or articling positions. Dale got back to me to say that their office does not hire articling students; however, they were looking to hire Hearing Officers. I decided to meet him in person to have a better idea about the opportunities.

It was a great pleasure to meet Dale and I had an opportunity to also meet the other staff. Dale also took me on a tour of his office.  After meeting him, I decided that I was interested in taking this job. I applied for this position and left it to luck.

As my focus was to start my articles and complete my licensing process to become a lawyer, I stayed in Regina and kept searching for articling positions. In September 2016, I was offered an articling position in Town of Unity at Riou Law Office with Mike Riou, which resulted in my move to Regina.

During the busy time of the year, when I was completing my assignments and doing my training, I got some news from Dale. Long story short, I was selected as a Hearing Officer in March this year. I was extremely happy that I had achieved something in my life that I never expected. I was thrilled to know the outcome of my application but I was unable to continue due to my articling contract till September this year as per the rules of the Law Society. I was totally confused and had no idea what to do. I informed Dale about this situation and he offered tremendous amount of support and guidance with regard to my situation.

Dale not only worked with me to resolve my dilemma, he also approached my Principal, Riou, upon my request to clarify the matter. After careful consideration, I accepted this offer and observed couple of hearings in Saskatoon and North Battleford.

I do not have words to thank Dale who has turned out to be a great boss and mentor!

Working with Dale since last year I am proud to know him I wish him well and a very happy retirement!

Keep smiling Dale.