Fear grips transit users in Surrey after yet another stabbing

MEDIA are reporting that there was yet another stabbing on transit in Surrey last night. Surrey RCMP and Transit Police have yet to issue any press statement even as transit users wonder what’s going on.

A young man was reportedly stabbed in his abdomen at the Surrey Central SkyTrain Station around 1 a.m. on Saturday.

South Asian students, especially female students, are now living in fear because besides these recent stabbings, there are numerous threats that passengers encounter on a regular basis on buses and the SkyTrain; but one can never see a police officer around to help.

The latest stabbing coming just after the TransLink CEO made a dramatic statement how they would not tolerate such incidents has everyone laughing at him.

“Maybe they should get Punjab Police to help Surrey RCMP,” one student told The VOICE sarcastically.

And after this item was posted on our website, Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke has now also issued a statement saying the usual things.

People are sick of reactive statements from both politicians and police.