Mad Max: Fury Road (PG) ****

Mad Max

Burn Rubber!

Explosive action in a futuristic society highlight Warner Brothers new adventure yarn Mad Max: Fury Road. Taking off where the original Mel Gibson Road Warrior left off this decadent slice of a society ruled by goons will surely keep eyes wide open at Cineplex Odeon Theatres around B.C.

Evil comes in All shapes and sizes. Tormented prisoner Max Rockatansky is pushed to the limit by a merciless ruler of a society that could best be described as decadently insane. Pretty boy Tom Hardy has little to say but manages to “bond” when he travels to freedom (!) with a band of not so happy women. Led by the disgruntled Imperator Furiosa this lady has quite a story to tell as she too is fleeing the same madman who will stop at nothing to retrieve his prized possession. Again Academy Award winning Charlize Theron (Monster) glamours down as a crusader out to protect her flock and stay alive.

Crisp directing by George Miller in a story written by him is flush full of violence. Road rage and over the top stunts never have come across so excitingly as the stunt choreography here is impressive. Grotesque evil beings and an almost gothic atmosphere of a troubled society presided over by an insanely evil mastermind whose minions delight in administering wanton pain contribute to make this 120 minute movie a descent into depravity and utter madness. Even the 3-D effects add flavour to the craziness that abounds in this offbeat encounter with the devil.

By Robert Waldman