Man who punched South Asian bus driver gets two more years in prison


SEAN Tyler Quaye, 25, who punched bus driver Jagdeep Grewal and broke his nose on a bus plying from Newton Exchange to Guildford Mall on the evening of March 26, was sentenced on Thursday to two years in prison in addition to 31 months’ time already served.

Quaye suddenly decided to plead guilty in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster. He also received three years’ probation and a three-year ban on taking transit.

Quaye and a young woman who got on the bus Grewal was driving didn’t pay their fare. As the bus moved on, Quaye suddenly punched Grewal in the face. The driver managed to stop the bus safely and the attacker ran away, but was arrested on April 2, driving a stolen car in Newton.

Quaye changed his not guilty plea, after the woman who got on the bus with him testified that he looked angry before he assaulted the driver. She said that when she later met up with him, he appeared to be proud of what he had done.

According to CKNW, union leader Nathan Woods said: “It’s long overdue to have a judge consider this type of sentencing. And for one, I think transit operators and riders especially happy that this has transpired today. It’s just the most amazing news.”