New Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service (QCRS) offers help with COVID-19 conflict

WITH BC residents sheltering in place, new challenges are affecting tenants, roommates, and neighbours who are suddenly in much closer proximity during all hours of the day. Parents are trying to entertain and teach children while their neighbour is trying to manage multi-person business calls on the other side of a shared wall. Noises that have never been an issue before are suddenly constant sources of irritation. Add the increased anxiety of social isolation and it’s not at all surprising that minor conflicts are becoming much bigger problems.

In order to help people dealing with conflicts arising from living in close quarters, Mediate BC has launched a new low cost program – the Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service and is working with LandlordBC to make sure that everyone is aware of this new program.

“COVID-19 is leading to so many different kinds of conflict in housing situations,” says QCRS program manager Amanda Semenoff. “Noise, heavy use of common wifi, anything that was a minor issue when people were in and out of their homes for much of the day is suddenly a much bigger deal. And, of course, people sharing common spaces may have very different ideas about how social distancing applies. Mediators can help with these difficult conversations.”

“Adhering to social distancing presents specific challenges for people sharing a living space,” notes Kimberley Coates of LandlordBC. “How do they talk about the fact that the landlord has personal safety concerns for all residents of the building? Or roommates who previously worked opposite schedules who are now learning how to cohabitate? It is only natural that conflicts may arise.”

LandlordBC runs its own mediation program, Mediate First, which is still available to help, but is encouraging people with conflicts that arise out of COVID-19 concerns to contact the Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service. The QCRS has more than 35 mediators available and service is available quickly.

QCRS mediators are independent and skilled in helping people have difficult conversations. All mediations will be held online – mediators will meet with the people involved by phone, Zoom or another distance option that everyone agrees works for them. Simply complete the online intake form, or email for more information.


Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service

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