Rishi Kapoor changes Twitter bio to warn trolls

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Mumbai (PTI): Rishi
Kapoor has changed his
profile on Twitter, warning
“trolls and abusers”
to stay away or get
The 64-year-old actor,
who recently got involved
in a fight with
a Twitter user, said he
would hit back at the
abusers in their language.
“Released new Warning
Bio for future Trolls,
Abusers and Idiots! Refer
profile. Please ignore
sensible friends. Let’s
live in a fun World (sic),”
Rishi tweeted.
“Don’t you dare try
Trollers and Abusers!
You will be abused and
BLOCKED-so your loss
if you following. Enough
of patience! Signed-Terrorist
of the family (sic),”
the new profile information
The actor also changed
his profile picture and
posted a snapshot from
film “Aurangzeb” where
he is seen holding a gun.
His earlier profile read:
“Son of a famous Father-
Father of a famous Son.
I am the hyphen in between