Sukhvir Singh Badhesa of Surrey gets 11½ years for killing his mother and assaulting his wife

SUKHVIR Singh Badhesa pled guilty to killing his mother, Darshan Badhesa, by beating her to death with his hands and feet.  He also pled guilty to assaulting his wife, Piratpal Badhesa, and causing her bodily harm by whipping her with a USB computer cable.  Both of these offences took place on March 20, 2016 in the family residence.  Badhesa, his wife, his mother and daughters all lived together in this home, according to court documents.

Last week, the B.C. Provincial Court Alexander Wolf sentenced Badhesa to 11½ years in prison.

The judge said in his ruling: “Mr. Badhesa, you are sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment for the crime of manslaughter.  Specifically, for the killing of your mother Darshan Badhesa.

“Further, you are sentenced to eighteen months’ imprisonment for the crime of committing an assault on your wife, Piratpal Badhesa, and in committing this assault, causing her bodily harm.  I appreciate the Crown has only sought twelve months for this crime, and have acknowledged that I find that position to be reasonable, but in my view, I believe an 18-month sentence is more appropriate for the crime of whipping your wife in the manner described, even in the situation where you have pled guilty to the offence, versus after a trial.

“These sentences are to be served consecutive to each other.  Thus, you are sentenced to 11-and-one-half years’ imprisonment.”

According to court documents, Badhesa and his wife were married for two years prior to coming to Canada from India in 2006.  His mother came to Canada to live with the family a little over a year before she was killed by her son.

The agreed statement of facts said: “For up to four days before the offences, the accused had been drinking excessive quantities of alcohol.  He had consumed vodka, scotch and beer.  At the time of the offence he was highly intoxicated by alcohol.  It also appears that he was smoking opium during this time period.

“There does not appear to be a history of physical violence in the home.  However, the accused was sometimes angry with his wife and called her names such as ‘dirty wife’ and ‘bitch’.  The accused was also angry at his mother.  He believed his mother had something to do with arranging his brother’s marriage into a bad family.

“Something made him angry that day, and the accused’s wife tried to calm him down.  His temper flared and he punched a hole in a wall and broke some drinking glasses.  But his anger did not stop there.”

He went on to indulge in the violence mentioned earlier.

Badhesa has been ordered to provide the authorities with a sample of his DNA.  There will also be a lifetime firearms prohibition.