The all-new 2022 Lexus NX: the embodiment of the future of luxury

TORONTO, Ontario: Leading the way in a new era of luxury, Lexus embraces electrification, intuitive technology, performance and style. The all-new Lexus NX 2022 offers a long list of firsts, including the all-new Lexus Interface multimedia system designed for the North American market.

With a lower center of gravity and a firm stance, the all-new NX embodies powerful styling, intuitive innovations and a host of utility qualities. The most notable update to this model is the introduction of Lexus Interface, integrated multimedia and digital support on the standard 9.8 “and optional 14” touch screens. This interface offers wireless updates, wireless charging and wireless connection of the smartphone to the user’s unique profile. It is also paired with the new Lexus + 3.0 Safety System included as standard, and the Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Two new functions, safe exit assistance and the innovative digital locking system,


With the all-new Lexus NX 350h, which will be the high-volume model in Canada, guests can enjoy both excellent performance and excellent fuel efficiency. With a combined output of 239 horsepower (a 20% increase over the current model) and impressive combined fuel consumption estimated by the automaker at 6.5 L / 100 km (a decrease of 1.0 L / 100 km from the current model), the NX Hybrid is distinguished by powerful performance that exemplifies the brand’s leadership in hybrids. Guests will also notice the 0-100 km / h stopwatch of 7.4 seconds, 1.7 seconds faster than the previous generation.

Combining a 2.5L DS-4 injection 4-cylinder gasoline engine and two high-torque motor-generators, the Lexus hybrid system promotes powerful acceleration, especially when overtaking. In place of the transfer gears and driveshaft to the rear wheels, the all-wheel drive system employs a second independent electric motor that drives the rear wheels when it senses it’s needed to help maintain traction. optimal.

The all-new NX will be equipped with the latest version of the Lexus + Security System 3.0 for added peace of mind in certain scenarios. “We are delighted to present the all-new Lexus NX 2022 to our guests for many reasons,” said Martin Gilbert, Managing Director of Lexus Canada. “First, because it sets a new standard in the luxury crossover market with innovations in electrified powertrain, modernized styling, intuitive cockpit, driving dynamics and safety.


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