We can’t run around in burkha: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her honest opinions claims that men need to change their outlook towards women, and the idea about banning item numbers is stupid.

On being asked about her opinion on banning item numbers in films or requesting girls to dress in a certain way to avoid crime rates, Sonam says, “I think it’s so stupid to think about banning songs. So what if we wear certain typeof clothes or do certain things? We are not doing anything wrong. Men have to look at us differently.”

“If you see our Ajanta Ellora Caves, you will understand that we are the land of Kamasutra. We can’t cover ourselves from head to toe. We can’t run around in burkha; that’s not our culture. It’s unfortunate when people say you can’t wear skirts or do item numbers or a girl can’t dress in a certain way. Are we going back to dark ages?” Sonam asks.

“I am trying to be a girl who is real and has an opinion. Might say stupid things but not scared of men and for me that’s important,” concludes Sonam.