What to do when it’s over?

NEW data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds people from coast-to-coast hoping fervently for a new era when neighbours and communities are safely vaccinated, and (almost) everyone regains a life that looks more like it used to.

Three things that Canadians are looking forward to most: being able to go about their day-to-day routine without worrying about the virus (44% look forward to this), being able to resume the hugs, pecks on the cheek and handshakes that come with physical contact (43%), and international travel (42%).

British Columbians are most likely to look forward to hugging their loved ones (51%) while Quebec leads the nation in wanting to go out for dinner (45%) and go to a party (19%).

Manitoba residents are most excited to get together with older people they have been unable to see. 35 per cent say this, with Saskatchewan second at 28 per cent.

One-in-five Canadians say that a pre-pandemic normal will never return. Notably, 48 per cent of those who will not get vaccinated against COVID-19 say this, while the proportion is just 15 per cent among those who will.