2018 BMW 440i xDrive Coupe:  Unbeatable!

By Autoreviewman 

Supremely efficient, sleek and oozing the distinct BMW cache, the current BMW’s 4 Series is available in very desirable looking coupe, convertible and Gran Coupe models. For the 2018 model year, the biggest change is the availability of a new engine and additional equipment such as new technology including wireless connectivity, and an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot. The latest version of the iDrive infotainment system is also standard on the 4 Series range, now more refined and easier to use.

The BMW 4 Series range start with 440i Coupe at $56,350, with the xDrive Coupe and xDrive Gran Coupe model starting at $57,050. The 440i xDrive Convertible ranges from $70,550.

We tested a 2017 BMW 440i xDrive coupe in a stunning Glacier Silver metallic ($57,550 base MRSP.) It is a highly impressive looking car, big, sleek, imposing, yet also athletic. Our BMW 440i xDrive was equipped with BMW’s xDrive AWD system. As usual, the exterior fit, form, and quality was flawless. Panel gaps minimal, nothing off by a millimeter as expected.

The 440i   uses BMW’s new turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six, with 320 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque teamed with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Either rear wheel or xDrive All-Wheel Drive as on our tester is available.

The dedication to high quality is carried over to the cabin. BMW interiors are a rather intimidating blend of form, functionality and luxury. Every surface and fixture in the interior in our tester was finely detailed, exact and of the highest quality.

On the road, the current 4 Series rides even better, thanks to its sports tuned chassis, suspension, wider track and lower ride height. With a very satisfying growling, burbling note from the M performance exhaust and the urgent acceleration, every stab of the throttle is an audio and sensory delight. The 440 is fast and eager.  Body roll is at a minimal and the 440 takes corners and sharp bends with authority and zeal. Nothing upsets it composure thanks to its engineering and suspension set up. Anything to criticize? Well very little. Some find the BMW interior a little too stark and restrained, and of course once you load up any BMW with the gadgets and option they start becoming ever so expensive.   To sum up the 2017 BMW 440 xDrive sedan is a world-class car coupe offering engineering and pedigree. A simply captivating performance Coupe.

Buy one and its permanent joy for years!

2018 BMW 440i xDrive: Base priced $57,550

(Price as tested with options: $73,190)


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