All bars and restaurants in Vancouver ordered closed for Saint Patrick’s Day

VANCOUVER Mayor Kennedy Stewart on Tuesday issued the following update on the order to close all restaurants and bars in City of Vancouver for Saint Patrick’s day:

“Yesterday evening I spoke with B.C. Minister of Health Adrian Dix and told him that despite requests for people to practice safe social distancing, we knew that thousands of people were still planning to come into Vancouver to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.
“Minister Dix relayed that information to Provincial Health authorities and last night Vancouver Coast Health Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Patricia Daly directed bars and restaurants in Vancouver’s downtown core to shut down operations for today, Saint Patrick’s Day.
“This morning, revised guidance by Dr. Daly is that all bars and restaurants in the City of Vancouver are being told to cease public operations for Saint Patrick’s Day.
“Establishments will still be able to officer delivery and takeout options.
Going forward, establishments are being told to comply with Dr. Bonnie Henry’s order to limit public gatherings across B.C. to no more than 50 people. All bars and restaurants must ensure no more than 50 people will be in their establishments at any given time, including staff.
“I want to thank our public health officials for moving quickly and helping to keep people safe and especially express my gratitude to Dr. Patricia Daly and her team for their tireless work on behalf of all Vancouver residents.
“I know that this may seem like drastic action, and I know that this will mean severe financial hardship for many small businesses and their staffs, but the health of our population must be our primary concern.
“Limiting widespread social gatherings and close contact between people is an important way to help flatten the curve, slowing the spread of COVID-19 and allowing our health systems time to treat people who are ill.”