April is Sikh Heritage Month in Ontario

Sikh Heritage Month SIKH Heritage Month is celebrated to honour the culture and way of life of Sikhs. This is celebrated throughout the month of April in Ontario for people to appreciate what Sikhs have contributed to the world and the accomplishments that they have made throughout history.

Sikh culture has become what it is today because of their significant contributions to the community worldwide which happens to be quite a remarkable list. The Prime Minister of India is a highly educated Sikh. Being a Sikh in India can be tough, especially in politics, but Manmohan Singh is leading the Indian nation.

Another Sikh who has brought Sikhism more fame is Fauja Singh – an inspiration to many in the world as he has accomplished a great feat at the age of 101: in a marathon in Hong Kong, he ran 10 km and is the record holder in his age bracket.

Youth can always become more involved in April by raising awareness in their schools about Sikh Heritage Month. They can talk about various facts about Sikhism and how it has evolved into what it is today through various methods. Youth can even host a Bhangra dance event involving the whole school so that students and staff can experience our culture through this.

People need to know about Sikhism because there is a large presence of Sikhs in Canada. They can spread the message through various social media sources such as facebook, vine, whatsapp, twitter, ask.fm, pinterest, instagram, photo bucket and linkedin.

Sikhism is not just a culture, but also a way of life and you don’t have to be Sikh to experience this way of life.

Grade 10 student
Christ The King Catholic Secondary
Georgetown, Ontario