Conservative Leader Poilievre slams Trudeau for high cost of back-to-school shopping

Pierre Poilievre Photo: CPC

CONSERVATIVE Leader Pierre Poilievre on Tuesday in Oshawa, Ontario, highlighted that many parents are struggling to make ends meet after eight years of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as the average bill for back-to-school shopping in Canada came out to $700 per student, and the cost of school supplies have increased 24% over the last two years.

Speaking to the cause of these spikes in prices, Poilievre pointed out: “After eight years of Justin Trudeau, his decisions have had consequences. That money that he said was free, well, it’s not free. It turns out it all came with a cost.”

He added: “And so, as Parliament gets its back-to-school moment coming, I have a little donation to make to the Prime Minister. It is a calculator to help him calculate the cost he is imposing because of his inflationary deficits and carbon taxes. The more he spends, the more things cost. It is time that Justin Trudeau got a calculator and found out how to work it, because right now he’s just not worth the cost.”

Poilievre said: “You know, the good news is that Canada was not like this before Justin Trudeau, and it won’t be like this after he’s gone. We’re going to turn the hurt that he’s caused with the hope Canadians need.”

He noted how he will solve these issues if he becomes Prime Minister: “A Poilievre government will axe the carbon tax, cap spending, and cut waste to eliminate inflationary deficits and bring down interest rates. We’ll bring home more powerful paychecks with lower income taxes that reward hard work, and by removing gatekeepers so our brilliant immigrants can get jobs in their professions working as doctors and nurses serving our patients.”