Horgan: Christy Clark is in the pocket of “lumber barons” who put British Columbians out of work

John Horgan

NDP Leader John Horgan on Monday took Christy Clark to task for accepting massive political donations from forest companies that have been laying off BC workers in record numbers.

“Christy Clark’s government has overseen the loss of 30,000 forestry jobs while filling her pockets with cash donated by the same companies who have been throwing BC workers out in the street,” said Horgan.

“The BC Liberals accepted nearly a quarter of a million dollars in political donations from Weyerhaeuser’s BC operation, including $5,000 on the eve of this election,” said Horgan, noting the company has shuttered all but two of its BC mills since the BC Liberals came into office 16 years ago.

“Christy Clark even held a private $10,000 a plate fundraiser at the former CEO’s house,” pointed out Horgan.

“Weyerhaeuser’s US-based parent company is one of the signatories to the formal petition to the US government looking to impose punishing duties on Canadian softwood lumber, yet that’s who Christy Clark chooses to work for.”

On Tuesday, more than 18 months after the expiry of the softwood lumber agreement, the US Commerce Department will announce whether it will impose the first of two duties on Canadian softwood.

Horgan said: “It’s easy to see why Christy Clark let 30,000 BC forestry workers down. She’s been paying attention to the people that matter to her: her rich donors.

“We need a government that works for people. I’ll stand up for forest workers and fight every day to get people working.”