TransLink’s Transit Fare Review moves to Phase 3

PHASE 3 of the Transit Fare Review is now live and TransLink says it is looking for feedback from customers on how they would like to see the current fare system change and improve.

In previous phases, nearly two-thirds of respondents said they would like TransLink to rethink the current zone-based fare system and explore a system that prices fares more closely to distances travelled. TransLink says it has listened and now has more details on how distance-based options could work and how these options would affect prices.

· Option one: fares are priced by kilometre on rapid transit with a flat fare on bus.

· Option two: fares are priced by kilometre across the entire transit system.

TransLink says it also heard strong support for a system that’s affordable for frequent riders. So it’s asking for input on fare products that would provide benefits for frequent users, such as a pre-paid pass or paying-as-you-go with a fare cap. It is also evaluating potential new customer discounts.

Customers can provide feedback until December 8 by visiting the Transit Fare Review page and taking the survey. They’ll also find resources to help them understand the options, their trade-offs and how they could affect prices for some trips. The information TransLink gathers through public consultation, combined with its technical analysis, will help it arrive at a final recommendation for potential changes to the fare structure in Phase 4 next year.

Geoff Cross, TransLink Vice President of Policy and Planning, said on Monday: “Public input is a core component of the Transit Fare Review. In Phases 1 and 2, we heard from over 40,000 people and we’ve used that input to shape the options we are considering in Phase 3. We want to know how customers feel about the options so we can respond with a transit fare structure that better meets the public’s needs. Your feedback matters, so please take the time to fill out the Phase 3 survey.”