Trudeau government must fight for grain and oilseed farmers, say organizations

ATLANTIC Grains Council, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Producteurs de grains du Québec have launched a joint campaign to raise awareness with the public of the devastating consequences for all Canadians because many Canadian grain farmers, literally, will — go out of business.

They say grain and oilseed farmers in Eastern Canada are unable to compete with the over $32 billion in direct subsidies that U.S. President Donald Trump is providing American farmers. 

Farmers from across Canada have been asking the federal government to step in to provide more funding to the “AgriStability Business Risk Management Program” that was cut by the Conservative government in 2012. The Trudeau government promised to address the Business Risk Management Programs in the last election campaign.  

The campaign will be running on the radio and on digital platforms across Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Quebec.  You can view the ad here:  English     French

“Grain and oilseed farmers are united, and we want the public to better understand that while President Trump is protecting his farmers, Canada may lose many of its farms because we can’t compete. Down the road, Canada loses its ability to grow its own food, and that’s a dangerous situation for all Canadians,” said Markus Haerle, Chair, Grain Farmers of Ontario. 

“We are raising awareness because the federal government must help level the playing field for our farmers facing depressed prices from a U.S. government $32 billion farm aid package that allows farmers in the U.S. an advantage over farmers in Canada not just on price but money to invest in their operations,” said Christian Overbeek, Chairman, Producteurs de grains du Québec.

“The continued market uncertainty caused by trade disputes and COVID-19 have created depressed commodity prices that are doubly hard for farmers as costs of crop production tools and other inputs are increasing, and there is no relief in sight. We need government support, today,” said Roy Culberson, Chairman, Atlantic Grains Council. 

The AgriStability Program only triggers a payment when it is needed and gives farmers the security they need to run their farm businesses when faced with political situations outside of their control.

Farmers need to be able to cover the cost of production or many of them will not be able to survive much longer. 

Atlantic Grains Council, Producteurs de Grains du Québec/Grain Growers of Quebec, and Grain Farmers of Ontario represent over 40,000 grain and oilseed farmers in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario.