Wetlands for our future – World Wetlands Day  

     Harnoor volunteering at Halton Children's Water festival at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, Ontario, on September 26, 2011.

Harnoor volunteering at Halton Children’s Water festival at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, Ontario, on September 26, 2011.


Grade 11 student

Christ The King Catholic Secondary

Georgetown, Ontario



OUR wetlands today are more commonly considered as wastelands. This is because of how poorly maintained they are and how the need for a better approach to enhancing the life of animals in wastelands is vital. Since the year of 1900, 64% of our wetlands on planet Earth have disappeared. Wetlands are not meant for garbage disposal but should be considered an oasis for life. As we hurt wetlands around us, we are actually hurting ourselves.

World Wetlands Day has been established to promote awareness on the issue of essentially protecting the wildlife and the environment or settlements around wetlands. This is celebrated internationally on February 2 and is heavily supported by organizations such as Danone, Evian and Biosphere Connections. Wetlands are vital for the survival of the human race. The reason to this is because wetlands help to purify and replenish our water. Not only do they provide water but they also provide resources such as fish and rice that feed the billions of people in the world. These are basically bursting with biodiversity and are an essential way of storing carbon.

Following the topic of wildlife in communities, wetlands happen to have an abundance of these. As biodiversity booms in parts of wetlands so does the wildlife in that area. As humans we have the power to control what’s around us and let’s all start off by making a pledge to not loiter in or around wetlands which ensures safety to the few wildlife that are left. If you feel the need to make any sort of personal commitment, then you can do so at the official website of world wetlands day in order to ensure that you are committed to yourself.

Peace Welcome Club has decided to kick off the month of February 2015 by raising awareness about wetland issues in time for the yearly Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup that PWC partakes in. To start it off, I have written this article and following this there are some activities that youth can take part in on this day. Specifically in Ontario, youth can take initiative to go out of their way and be a part of events held by the Credit Valley Conservation authority. This would also be essential to contributing service to the community while having fun and gaining hours for the upcoming high school diploma that everyone strives for.

Another way that individuals can become a part of this cause is to raise awareness of it through the power of social media. Social media enables us to inspire others to become a part of what we raise awareness for. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology on phones and tablets, it’s easy to tweet on twitter or post on Facebook about how people can make a difference through the use of an environmental cause.

Let us come together to really make a difference this year for the sake of wetlands themselves!