10-classroom addition opens at Surrey’s Sunnyside Elementary

A 10-classroom addition has opened at Sunnyside Elementary, giving more Surrey students expanded, modern and connected spaces to learn.

“I’m proud of the progress that our government is making in Surrey and throughout the province to provide students with new learning environments that are connected to their school communities,” said Rachna Singh, Minister of Education and Child Care, on Friday. “We know there is still more to do and are committed to continued work with the Surrey School District to find beneficial solutions to its enrolment growth.”

A 250-seat expansion at Sunnyside Elementary has been completed. The Province invested $11.4 million to add 10 classrooms to the school, eliminating the need for six portables this school year. The expanded capacity also means that spaces within the school that were temporarily converted to classrooms will now be available to provide child care again.

“Our board is very proud of its role in providing such a beautiful, efficient and functional place to learn, work and play,” said Gary Tymoschuk, Vice Chair of the Surrey Board of Education. “This addition will not only provide our students with an amazing environment to learn in, but it also creates much-needed space to help address the demands in our growing district.”

Over the past five years, the Government of B.C. has invested $475 million in school upgrades, land purchases, school expansions and new school construction in Surrey. These investments will result in the creation of more than 10,000 student seats by 2025. All these investments in schools help keep up with the growing demand for safe, modern classrooms in Surrey.

Since September 2017, the Government of B.C. has announced $3 billion for new and improved schools as well as land purchases for future schools throughout the province. This includes adding almost 20,000 new student spaces and 33,000 seismically safe seats at B.C. schools.

Budget 2022 includes $3.1 billion for school capital projects over the next three years, including new and expanded schools, seismic upgrades and replacements, and land purchases for future schools.