BC Liberals call for answers to $13,000 taxpayer-funded junket

Mary Polak

MARY Polak, BC Liberal House Leader and Langley MLA, on Monday called for answers about a $13,000 taxpayer-funded road trip by a Speaker’s office staffer – and demanding to know why Premier John Horgan and the NDP aren’t doing the same.

“At a July 3 meeting of the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC), the Speaker confirmed Mr. [Alan] Mullen’s trip and promised to provide a detailed itinerary. When he failed to do so, I sent a follow-up letter to the Speaker on July 12. After more than a month with no response, today I sent him another letter with the same questions,” said Polak. “It is absolutely unacceptable that LAMC should learn about the costs of this road trip from media reports. Worse still, we now know that the Speaker’s hand-picked staffer didn’t even meet with the Speaker or Sergeant-at-Arms in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario. Frankly, without a detailed itinerary, we have no idea what he was actually doing.”

The BC Liberals are calling for a full and comprehensive account of who the Speaker’s staffer met with and a detailed breakdown of expenditures – a minimum standard they say the NDP should be requiring as well.

“John Horgan and the NDP have continued to stand behind the Speaker and his staff,” added Polak. “British Columbians need to have confidence that taxpayer money is being spent wisely and with an appropriate level of oversight. John Horgan and the NDP need to step up and start demanding answers instead of acting as a rubber stamp.”


  1. Horgan is a socialist and thinks he is god , you will not get a answer . Mr. Weaver must start doing his job ,I have been wondering why did I vote for him.

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