BC Liberals: NDP must do more about prolific criminal offenders

OPPOSITION House Leader Todd Stone in response to the NDP’s plan to deal with prolific offenders said on Thursday: “People have lost faith in the NDP Attorney General’s catch-and-release system when it comes to prolific criminal offenders, and today’s announcement will do very little to make British Columbians feel safer in their communities and on our streets.”

The BC Liberal MLA added: “People were promised ‘creative solutions’ and immediate action from this government and the best the NDP government could come up with is a report to be completed four months from now, that may or may not be acted upon — where is the urgency in that?”

Todd said that under Attorney General David Eby and the NDP, crime severity had gone up and there had been a 75 per cent increase in the rate of no-charge assessments.

He added: “In Vancouver, where an average of four random assaults are taking place every day, nearly 500 additional random assaults may take place before this report sees the light of day.

“The NDP had plenty of time to properly examine the situation and use the tools at their disposal to go after these prolific offenders, and they didn’t. Instead, they’ve let the situation spiral out of control.

“When it comes to keeping people safe in communities across B.C., this Attorney General’s results continue to be an absolute failure, and British Columbians are losing confidence in our justice system by the day.”