BC Liberals: What the NDP forgot to tell you on child care

THE B.C. Liberals on Thursday said that NDP Leader John Horgan has broken trust with British Columbians. He promised $10/day child care and has absolutely failed to deliver. Stats show the gender gap between working parents has widened as more mothers are staying home to care for their children, so it’s working mothers who are paying the price for Horgan breaking his word.

According to the B.C. Liberals:

* Universal $10 a day child care is now just an empty “slogan” and a federal pilot for 2 per cent of spaces
* The NDP promised to have 24,000 spaces by this point of their mandate
* As of May 2020, there were only 3,490 new spaces open out of 16,500 ‘funded’
* Over 85 per cent failure rate on promised spaces
* In the City of Vancouver, zero spaces have been created and $22 million spent so far
* From 2005 to 2017, BC Liberals created 39,959 spaces, or 3,330 per year


  1. Rattan, out of the spaces created by the BC Liberals, how many were $10/day spaces? This article requires further analysis of the critical party’s record. You might also want to balance that with some commentary on the unfilled promises of the the party making the critique. Not just working mothers paid for them breaking their word. Students, patients, the working poor, the disabled and the impoverished have all paid an extremely high price under Liberal tenure. They sold our land at cut-rate prices to their friends according to your own paper’s article which included land designated for a hospital which they denied the City of Surrey a second hospital for almost 30 years. (http://7zi.e17.mywebsitetransfer.com/wilkinson-sold-surrey-hospital-land-to-bc-liberal-donor-at-a-discount/?fbclid=IwAR3aSu6XRudA_yeKDPUquTVUKJ4nM9u4e3xqRczSVPvRg4YUDDgXPXaCo8g) Yesterday you wrote about his dishonesty (http://7zi.e17.mywebsitetransfer.com/ndp-wilkinson-caught-misleading-on-surrey-police/) in two articles and yet this article makes it sound like you support his position. There are no quotes. just your words.

    • The article clearly says that this is all according to the BC Liberals – just as the NDP ones state that those are according to the NDP. The VOICE is NOT taking any side.

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