BCTF President expresses ‘huge relief’ at COVID-19 vaccine prioritization for teachers, education workers

B.C. Teachers’ Federation President Teri Mooring on Thursday, in response to COVID-19 vaccine prioritization for teachers and education workers announced by the Province, said in a statement: “The last year has been incredibly stressful on everyone in the school system. Like all British Columbians, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought stress, anxiety, and even grief to our personal and professional lives. I join all of my teacher colleagues in expressing huge relief that educators across BC will be prioritized in April to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

“Teachers, support staff, and other education workers have gone above and beyond every single day to make sure our students are safe. We have also done everything we can to make sure each other are safe. But, this virus has still found its way into our schools and classrooms. It has taken tens of thousands of education workers working in tough and stressful conditions to keep schools open, students learning, and parents working. Teachers and the schools we work in have played a critical role in ensuring a basic sense of normalcy for BC’s children and communities.

“I cannot express how thankful I am to our teachers and support staff for their commitment and compassion during this difficult year. Every single one of you deserves and needs stronger safety measures from your employers. I hope the news about vaccine prioritization will help ease anxiety and finally keep you all safe.

“While we wait for more details and timelines over the next few days, I also want to thank the new Minister of Education Jennifer Whiteside, who has been working hard with the BCTF to bring about important changes for our members and schools.”