Canada’s field hockey team qualifies again for the Olympics

Game 1 score: Canada 3, Ireland 5 (Gordie Johnston 1, Keegan Pereira 2)
Game 2 score: Canada 3, Ireland 1 (Oliver Scholfield 1, Gordie Johnston 1)
Aggregate score: Canada 6, Ireland 6 (Shootout 5-4) (Gordie Johnston 2, Adam Froese 2, Jamie Wallace 1)

Canada had a two-game series last weekend against Ireland in West Vancouver and the winner would qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. After both teams won one game each, Canada  won in a shootout.

This will be just the second time in history that Canada qualifies for back-to-back Olympic appearances following 1984 and 1988, according to Field Hockey Canada’s website.

Canada’s Men’s National Team includes four South Asian players who have become well known over the past years: Balraj Panesar, Sukhpal Panesar, Brandon Pereira and Keegan Pereira.