Chinese-Canadians rally in Vancouver on Thursday against Japan’s expanding military

MORE than 100 local Chinese-Canadian groups and the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver will unite and stage a “Never Again” noon-hour mass demonstration at the Vancouver Art Gallery, on Thursday, September 18.

Hundreds of Chinese-Canadian citizens will rally to oppose recent actions taken by the Japanese government to enable that country to expand its military, and authorize the movement of Japanese troops beyond its own borders for the first time in 67 years.

Between 1937 and 1945, 35 million Chinese citizens and soldiers were killed by Japan’s army, and Chinese-Canadians have grave concerns that history could repeat itself.

Scheduled speakers include:

  • Chinese-Canadian community leaders
  • Witnesses with personal memories of Japan’s wartime atrocities against China
  • MLAs Richard T. Lee (Burnaby North) and Jenny Kwan (Vancouver-Mount Pleasant).

What: “Never Again” Rally by Chinese-Canadian Community

Date:  Thursday, September 18

Time: Noon

Place:  Vancouver Art Gallery, Georgia Street Plaza, Vancouver



  1. China does not like the Idea of Japan defending itself against there massive military power. This whole rally is a farce. Why would Chinese -Canadians be concerned that history could repeat itself. THEY DON’T LIVE IN CHINA. hOW COULD SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED 70 YEARS AGO REPEAT? This rally is no more than an anti-Japanese rhetoric sponsored by the Chinese communist party

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