Conservatives ask RCMP Commissioner to re-open case against Trudeau

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Candice Bergen on Wednesday said that her party MP James Bezan has written a letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to request the re-opening of the case on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding potential violation of the Criminal Code in connection to his “2016 vacation on a private island in the Bahamas owned by someone [the Aga Khan] who had dealings with the Government of Canada at the time.”

Bergen said in a statement: “Recent documents revealed the RCMP’s own analysis of potential criminality under Section 121(1)(c) of the Criminal Code of Canada. According to the documents, the RCMP concluded that a case had largely been established for an offence of fraud against the government by Justin Trudeau, but they stopped short of pursuing charges against the Prime Minister because of ambiguity surrounding whether or not he could grant himself permission to break the law.

“In a shocking revelation on the floor of the House of Commons yesterday, Justin Trudeau admitted that he never had that permission to receive a $215,000 gift from an applicant engaged in lobbying the government. Yet, the Prime Minister has not been interviewed by the RCMP to answer these questions.

“In light of Justin Trudeau’s astonishing admission, the office of Prime Minister is now under a cloud of suspicion. The very integrity and honesty of Justin Trudeau is now in question. The only path forward is to interview him and members of his staff about his apparent criminal offence.

“Canadians deserve to know that their Prime Minister is not above the law. Conservatives will continue to pursue the answers that they deserve.”


Bezan’s letter to RCMP Commissioner Lucki can be read here.