Conservatives slam Liberals for delays in improving Internet connectivity and addressing cell phone prices

CONSERVATIVE Critic for Rural Economic Development, John Nater, on Monday, in response to the Trudeau government’s broadband announcement, said: “While the Trudeau Liberals have repeatedly promised to improve internet connectivity, they have failed miserably to deliver.  The Universal Broadband Fund was first announced in Budget 2019 and re-announced in June 2020, when Minister Monsef promised that applications would open ‘in the coming days.’  Five months later, still nothing.”

He added: ““This is absolutely unacceptable and a slap in the face to the nearly one million Canadians who don’t have internet access at home, much less a reliable cell phone signal.  They don’t need more Liberal hashtags and photo-ops, they deserve a real plan.”  

Nater noted: “The COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for reliable broadband internet service more urgent than ever before.  For months, families have been unable to connect with loved ones and small businesses have been unable to support their customers simply because they don’t have access to high enough speed internet.

He also slammed the Liberals for failing to address cell phone prices, saying, “It’s long past time to cut red tape and over regulation so that Canadians benefit from more affordable plans. For months, Canada’s Conservatives have been demanding concrete action to connect Canadians.  We will continue to advocate for lower cell phone prices and for real improvements to broadband internet services, so that Canadians living in rural and remote areas have consistent access to these essential services.”