Conservatives want current pre-departure PCR test requirements for fully vaccinated travelers removed

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Erin O’Toole on Friday called on the Trudeau government to remove the current pre-departure PCR testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada through land borders, in addition to harmonizing with U.S. regulations on air travel, and removing the pre-departure requirement for a PCR test in favour of a rapid antigen test for fully vaccinated travellers.

O’Toole said in a statement: “Canada’s Conservatives believe that decisions regarding testing requirements for entry into Canada should be informed by the best available science and rely on the advice of public health experts.”

He noted: “In May, the government’s COVID-19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel released a report recommending that fully vaccinated non-exempt travellers do not need to take a pre-departure test. The expert panel and leading health experts have made it clear that it is time to update the pre-departure PCR policies for fully vaccinated travelers entering through land borders and air travel.

“The requirement of proof of vaccination at the border dramatically reduces the risk of cases entering the country. When combined with the unique ability for entry and exit data to allow for enhanced traceability security, the combined effect of these measures allows for exceedingly safe travel, and desperately needed relief for border communities.”