COVID-19: Safety guidelines at Delta’s Riverside Funeral Home

DUE to the COVID-19 pandemic, Five Rivers Management Services Society’s executive board has decided that the safety and security of families, community members and its team members is of paramount importance to them; hence, in addition to previously implemented safety guidelines, effective immediately, the following safety guidelines will be in place at Riverside Funeral Home in Delta until further notice:

  1. A maximum of 25-30 people will be allowed to attend each funeral service.
  2. A maximum of five people will be allowed for wash and dress service.
  3. A maximum of two to three people will be allowed for funeral arrangement.
  4. No slide shows are allowed until further notice.
  5. Only six people will be allowed in the crematorium for cremation.
  6. Families are requested to complete service in shorter time.
  7. Hand sanitizers are available for public in front of east and west halls.
  8. Seating is allowed on alternate pews; public is requested to keep safe social distance (minimum 6 feet) from each other while sitting or standing.

“We kindly request the families and visitors coming to attend the funeral services to follow the guidelines in place,” the executive board said in a press statement on Thursday.