Delta Police Co-Host Interfaith Symposium: Responding to Drug Addiction the Role of Religion

Delta Police are once again partnering with spiritual leaders in an inter-faith Symposium that takes place  Thursday, March 30 at 7 p.m. at the Baitur Rahman Mosque located at 9570 River Road.

This year the focus is on drug addiction and exploring a holistic approach to solutions in addressing this health crisis we are facing especially since the arrival of fentanyl in street level drugs.

There are no boundaries through which addiction can’t cross, it does not recognize, race, socio-economic status, age, gender or religion.

It is believed that battling addiction requires a multi-faceted approach. Religious leaders are coming together to weigh in and share their perspectives and insights. Five main world religions are coming together to participate in this interfaith symposium to help create understanding and awareness of their religion’s values and beliefs and supports available for anyone walking this road of addiction.

Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord states, “It is important to acknowledge that this is a community issue and we all play a part in keeping the conversation going. The goal of the symposium is to bring different faiths together to offer support, hope, health and wellbeing as a collective. It is critical that we utilize all available resources and stakeholder groups to work together to address this complex issue.”

This symposium will cover;

  1. Awareness – the indicators and dangers of illicit drugs
  2. Realities of Addiction through a personal story and
  3. Solution looking at rehabilitation and recovery resources available inside and outside of the church.

This inter-faith symposium is open to anyone and everyone. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you are welcome and will have an opportunity to gain insights into this important pressing issue that impacts so many.