Federal NDP on WE Charity winding down its Canadian operations

FEDERAL NDP Ethics Critic Charlie Angus, reacting to WE Charity’s announcement that it was winding down its Canadian operations, said on Wednesday: This shows just how much trouble WE was in and how badly they needed this bail out from their Liberal friends. They’ve have been in economic freefall for months.”

Angus pointed out: “This was a group that fired its board of directors for asking too many questions about its finances. The question is why didn’t the government see this before handing them over a contract worth millions.”

He added: “And WE shutting down doesn’t make the Liberals’ scandal go away. [Diversity and Inclusion and Youth] Minister [Bardish] Chagger still mislead parliament and Canadians.

“There are still questions about why [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau flagged the WE deal for lacking due diligence and over worries about being accused of a conflict, but then he did nothing at all to address either of those problems before voting for it.”