Foreign Affairs Minister Joly: ‘Repeated vandalism of Hindu temples in Canada must stop’

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly said on Wednesday that “the repeated vandalism of Hindu temples in Canada must stop.”

She added: “No one, no matter their faith or ethnicity, should live in fear or intimidation— especially at a place of worship. My thoughts are with those at Ram Mandir temple in Mississauga and Hindu communities everywhere.”

National Defence Minister Anita Anand said: “Freedom of religion is a fundamental tenet of our democracy. I spoke with Panditji [Hindu priest] today – and reiterated that vandalism of Hindu temples, and all places of worship, is unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, ‘Spiritual Leader” of Mississauga Ram Mandir, Pandit Roopnauth Sharma, said in a statement on Wednesday: “Our response is in the form of a simple campaign called “Washing away the hate.” This is being launched today. The graffiti will stay on the walls for all to view for the next ten days. We want the world to see and experience the anguish caused by such thoughtless actions.

“The objective of the “Washing away the hate” campaign is to bring people of all faiths together on February 24 at  5 p.m. at the Ram Mandir site to be collectively engaged in the actual washing away of the “Hate Graffiti,” and in so doing, declare to all that in Canada we live in Harmony and that no amount of hate mongering and such related actions will destroy our most cherished possession of harmony that we hold so dear.”

He also declared: “We have chosen not to be terrified by these incidents and want to inform the perpetrators that we have sympathy for them, as we see their actions as shallow and without wisdom. We further believe that if there are grievances against the political workings in India, that they should rightfully address such matters in India to the relevant authorities; not here in Canada at the Ram Mandir where the congregation of thousands of Hindus are from many countries.”


Hindu temple in Mississauga, Ontario defaced with anti-Modi, anti-India graffiti