Former federal NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai will give David Eby rough time

JUST when it looked like David Eby would receive what was being called a “coronation” for the BC NDP leadership – and premiership – up pops former federal NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai.

Appadurai caused a stir when she referred to herself as “BCNDP Leadership Candidate” on her Twitter profile.

The link to her website has also been posted on her Twitter.

The website states: “We need a leader who puts the health of people and the planet first, Anjali brings honesty, courage and a new vision for BC. Anjali brings honesty, courage and a new vision for BC” – all in capitals.

It adds: “Together we can put power back in the hands of the people – and solve the overlapping crises facing our communities.”

It states: “Become a BC NDP member before September 4.

“If you are 12 or older and a BC resident, you are eligible to join the BC NDP and vote for Anjali in the leadership race.

“Step 1: Join the BC NDP

“Step 2: Forward your confirmation of membership to:

“The stakes couldn’t be higher. The new leader will replace John Horgan as BC’s next Premier.”

You can expect Appadurai to give Eby a rough time as she brings up a slew of environmental issues.


APPADURAI was the federal NDP candidate in the 2021 election in the Vancouver Granville riding. She lost to Liberal candidate Taleeb Noormohamed. The two were were neck and neck in this race and at one point just a single vote separated them. But in the end, the Noormohamed won by just 436 votes.

According to Appadurai’s profile on, she “is a seasoned advocate for environmental, social and economic justice. She has advocated for holding fossil fuel companies accountable for the climate crisis and for climate policies at the UN climate conferences. Appadurai has worked for climate action in roles with the West Coast Environmental Law, the Sierra Club BC, the Padma Centre for Climate Justice and the Climate Emergency Unit. Her work for climate justice includes publications, social media advocacy and roles in international people-powered campaigns. Appadurai holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Politics, International Trade Law and Climate Policy from the College of the Atlantic.”


B.C. Green MLA Adam Olsen (Saanich North and the Islands) said in a statement: “I am pleased that the B.C. NDP will have a leadership contest featuring different points of view and visions for the province of B.C. It is very important for our democracy that a leadership contest resulting in a new premier has a robust and engaging process.

“While I applaud Ms. Appadurai’s social and environmental values, the reality is that the B.C. NDP caucus has propped up the fossil fuel industry with billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies, it has moved forward with the destruction of farmland and traditional Indigenous territory by approving Site C twice, and it has used the RCMP and the courts to aggressively fight Indigenous rights. The B.C. NDP caucus has failed to curb the intensification of the housing crisis, and it has failed to even put forward a plan to address the family doctor shortage.

“48 of the 57-member B.C. NDP caucus has endorsed David Eby for leader and premier, who said at the launch of his leadership campaign, ‘Really I don’t see any radical shifts happening here for government.’ This is the caucus that Ms. Appadurai would inherit and would have to work with.”