Gofundme page for family of New Westminster pub chef who died after workplace accident


Harpreet and Sanjeev with their kids.

SANJEEV’S arm got chopped off after being stuck in a saw machine at work at a New Westminster pub that he went to turn off. The chef suffered immense blood loss and suffered a cardiac arrest and died later in hospital on March 22.

He had called his wife Harpreet that afternoon to inform her that one of his customers had tipped him $80 and he was having a great day at work.

“Exactly one hour later, Harpreet received another call, this time [from] somebody from the hospital where he was being treated, informing her [of] the unimaginable. Harpreet was informed that her world had finished in a matter of one hour,” according to a Gofundme page set up by a family friend to help Harpreet and her daughters Meher, 3, and Anaisha, who was born just a few weeks ago.

The fund had raised $11,791 of its $20,000 goal donated by 150 people in two days by Thursday night.

The Gofundme page states: “The family donated his eyes as it was the only viable organ left. Her whole world just ended in a matter of minutes. She now has the responsibility of two little children and their upbringing all on her own. She is a housewife. Local friends are running a meal chain for her.

“Your donations will be used for Sanjeev’s funeral expenses as well as supporting the family in this tragic situation. As a community, we all need to stand up for the suffering family and spare whatever we can.

“Your support would mean the world to Harpreet, Meher and Anaisha. Meher is still waiting for her father to return and is quite confused with the ongoing events. She is continually asking for him and picks up the phone to talk to him.”


Gofundme page: