Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen’s 2014 Vaisakhi’s Recycling for Charity and Environment

Guru Nanak’s Free KitchenGURU Nanak’s Free Kitchen’s is holding another event on April 19 during the Surrey Nagar Kirtan: a bottle drive. It’s called Recycling for Charity and the Environment.

Says Garry Grewal: “What we want to do is raise awareness about recycling and leaving the streets clean after the Nagar Kirtan. We will be having marked recycling stations along the Nagar Kirtan route and we will have a minimum of 15 stations.

“We are requesting the sangat to not throw away their recyclables like bottles and cans and find us along the route and drop them in bins provided.

“Volunteers can participate in this charitable event by manning the allocated stations. We will be providing t-shirts to our volunteers.

“The money raised by recycling the bottles and cans will go toward helping feed the homeless.” Available times slots for volunteering and any other information can be provided by event coordinator Garry Grewal at 604-250-2222. For more information about Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, visit website

GNKF is a volunteer-based organization that is not affiliated or funded by any religious institutions and/or government bodies. They solely rely on the community for food and other items for their events. They feed approximately 3,500 people a month.