Happy 3rd Birthday, Peace Welcome Club!



Peace Welcome Club

Georgetown, Ontario


I have a very special notice for the community of fans that we have for Peace Welcome Club (PWC) and it is to let everyone know that we will be celebrating our third birthday on February 28. It is my great pleasure to lead a group of youth that have the same vision as mine, which has been to help immigrant youth with volunteer opportunities in the community. I have seen myself grow with PWC and I have witnessed youth alongside our team grow as well. It has definitely been quite an inspiring journey for all of us at the team and I hope to continue to motivate other youth to volunteer as well. Through the support of the community and the community at an international level, PWC sure has embarked on a great journey to success. Not only have we inspired many youth to volunteer with PWC, we have even created leaders at both the local and international levels.

Through the course of PWC’s journey, I have had the splendid opportunity to partner with groups and youth in the community for our various fundraisers and events held annually. Whether it be inspiring youth to volunteer in the ChangeTheWorld Ontario youth volunteer challenge campaign or motivating youth to help clean parks with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up, PWC has done a fine job with motivating youth. With the experience and time PWC has spent alongside other organizations in community fundraisers, I have created a few of our own that consist of the Jean Green Drive, Book Drive, Food Drive and Go Zero Waste Campaign. Within these set fundraisers as the names state, we have raised funds to help people in need of clothes for warmth, books for education, food for hunger and simply inspiring individuals to create less waste as well. So far in our three-year journey, PWC has outreached to thousands of people in its efforts through various fundraisers and has outreached to thousands and thousands of people on its Facebook page.

With my passion for writing and the drive for the PWC team to inspire others, this has allowed us to raise more awareness about volunteering for leaders in their communities. Volunteering is a way of helping others in need while earning no money but enjoying just the pure satisfaction of helping and this is what PWC loves to promote. I have been honoured to receive such amazing opportunities of public speaking, writing for publications and volunteering which have allowed me to raise awareness on how PWC really started. It was on February 29 of 2012 where I was given a response by organizations that I was not old enough to volunteer and I decided to take a stand on this with my writing as well as stating that age is not a barrier. Without the help of my parents and amazing mentors, I would not be where I am today with a group of wonderful people to volunteer with while raising awareness on issues that affect everyone on a global level.

It’s really nice to see that a seed of hope that I planted for youth immigrants and youth in general has grown to a young tree that will continue on its branches of success. I have been able to build strong roots with my team at PWC and the youth that are always endlessly coming up with ideas for future events are the fruit of the labor. To put it into perspective, I had never expected for a youth group that I created such as PWC to be on radio, TV, win awards and earn such huge accomplishments in such a short time and at such a young age. Benefits of being published in a newspaper and becoming a published writer was not where my hopes and dreams were going, but they were in having a voice for the needs of youth in a community. Just to state it simply, I am a average teenager that just had the guts to speak out about hopes I believed in and anyone can do what I have done too. It just goes to show that hard work and the drive to success will always lead to paths of greatness and this is what I have experienced with the Peace Welcome Club.

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