ICBC: COVID-19 rebate cheques out by end of April​​

ICBC said on Friday that it is on track to mail out all 2.86 million cheques by the end of this month to customers eligible for a share of $600 million in COVID-19-related rebates.

Two weeks ago, ICBC began mailing small batches of COVID-19 rebate cheques directly to eligible customers. Large-scale distribution through the vendor started April 6 and, as of Thursday, April 8, approximately 940,000 cheques had been issued.

ICBC said it is proceeding with its third-party vendor, with extra security measures in place, to print and distribute the vast majority of the remaining COVID-19 rebate cheques. This large mailout, originally scheduled to begin March 15, was delayed due to a cyberattack on the vendor.

Most customers who had vehicles insured for all or part of the six-month period between April 1 and September 30, 2020, are receiving a COVID-19 rebate averaging $190 per policy. The rebate is approximately 19% of the premium a customer paid for coverage during the six-month period. 

An investigation of the cyberattack confirmed that no ICBC customer information was obtained by unauthorized parties and there were no impacts to ICBC’s systems, which remain secure, the ICBC said.​