It’s safe to eat India’s Maggi noodles


maggi_625x350_81433401453New Delhi (IANS): The Canadian food regulator on Friday announced that Nestle India’s Maggi noodle products were safe for consumption.
“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) investigation did not find any health risk associated with the consumption of Maggi brand noodle products sold in Canada,” the food regulator said in a release.
“We are continuing to monitor the situation in India and working with our international regulatory partners,” it added.
In June, Singapore’s food regulator had also declared Maggi noodles from India as safe for consumption.
Maggi noodles were banned by India’s food regulator on June 5 after a high amount of lead and chemical monosodium glutamate was found in it.
Nestle withdrew all varieties of Maggi noodles hours before the ban that ruled it “unsafe and hazardous”.
The Bombay High Court recently allowed Nestle to export Maggi from India.
On July 1, Britain’s Food Standards Authority (FSA) confirmed the results of testing samples of Maggi noodles in the country showed levels of lead in the product being well within the European Union (EU) permissible levels and would not be a concern to consumers.