Jas Mann Roofing and Waterproofing of Vancouver fined almost $15,000 by WorkSafeBC

WORKSAFEBC recently issued a penalty to Jas Mann Roofing and Waterproofing for a high-risk and repeated violation at a Vancouver construction site.

This company has been fined over $40,000 in the past four years.

Firm: Jas Mann Roofing and Waterproofing Inc.
Worksite: Vancouver
Current amount: $14,961.48
Date imposed: March 28

This firm was roofing a new three-storey residential complex. WorkSafeBC inspected the site and observed four workers, one of whom was a supervisor, near the edge of a flat section of roof. The workers were wearing fall protection harnesses but were not connected to lifelines. No other form of fall protection was in place, exposing the workers to a fall risk of 10.7 m (35 ft.).

The firm failed to ensure fall protection was used, a high-risk violation. The firm also failed to provide its workers with the information, instruction, training, and supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety. These were both repeated violations.

The primary purpose of an administrative penalty is to motivate the employer receiving the penalty — and other employers — to comply with occupational health and safety legislation and regulation, and to keep their workplaces safe.

WorkSafeBC notes that the construction industry in B.C. has an injury rate of 3.37 which is higher than the provincial average 2.24 (injury rate out of 100 workers). In 2021, there were over 7,000 time-loss injuries in the construction sector in B.C. and 1,592 of these were serious injuries.

The non-use of fall protection is an ongoing issue in the sector and resulted in 5,893 injuries in the past five-years, including 28 fatalities. Additionally, 164 administrative penalties totaling $1,027,997.55 were issued in 2022 to employers for lack of fall protection.

Also, construction workers are most at risk of a fall from elevation if scaffolds or guardrails are not properly installed or if workers do not use fall protection equipment.

WorkSafeBC says this is why WorkSafeBC has a Construction Planned Inspectional Initiative that is designed to reduce injuries in the sector. This initiative includes education, consultation and enforcement.


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