Justin Trudeau launches campaign for “real change”

AFTER a decade of Stephen Harper, only Liberals are offering new leadership and a new plan that will deliver real change so all Canadians can succeed, said Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau on Sunday.

“We want change that will make a real difference in the lives of all Canadians – change that will help families make ends meet, put more money in their pockets, and bring this country together,” said Trudeau. “It is time for a new plan to grow the middle class and grow the economy.”

Trudeau noted that while middle class Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, Harper’s plan gives billions in benefits to the wealthiest few and will do nothing to help Canadians get ahead. Thomas Mulcair has no answers on the economy and irresponsibly supports Harper’s plan to give more money to millionaires. Liberals have a strong team that is ready to bring better government to Ottawa. Candidates and volunteers are working hard and will continue sharing our plan for real change with Canadians in communities across the country.

“This election is about our future and Liberals have the plan and the team to make a real, positive difference for Canadians,” said Trudeau. “We have a real plan that will cut taxes for the middle class, so Canadians can keep more of their paycheques. We will also create one bigger, fair, automatic, and tax-free monthly benefit that will help families with the high cost of raising their kids. Nine out of ten families will get more from our plan. That’s real change.”

The Liberal Party said taht for his own personal advantage, Harper is costing taxpayers half of a billion dollars by needlessly causing the most expensive election in Canadian history.

While the economy plunges back into recession and middle class families struggle to make ends meet, Harper’s only focus is silencing his critics and funnelling millions from taxpayers into Conservative Party coffers.

Three ways this election will cost Canadians more while benefitting Harper personally:

  1. On top of the estimated $375 million (CBC, August 1) to run a normal campaign, taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $125 million more to pay the extra cost to run a 79-day election campaign.
  2. The Conservatives will benefit with the biggest taxpayer-funded rebate in Canadian history – up to $25 million straight into Harper’s coffers.
  3. Disgraced Conservative Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau are back on the public payroll. Each will earn an extra $16,385.75 from taxpayers because of Harper’s longer campaign.

Desperate to hang on to power after 10 failed years, Stephen Harper is so entitled and out of touch that he doesn’t think twice about misusing taxpayer dollars. It is the type of abuse and mismanagement that defines the Conservative Party.