With a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette and connected cabin experience, the Lincoln Star Concept debuts the brand’s design language for its future electric vehicles.

Inside and out, the Lincoln Star concept introduces a new design language, with Lincoln’s core tenets of beauty, human, gliding, and sanctuary on full display. These tenets will help guide Lincoln’s future design, and by mid-decade, Lincoln plans to deliver three new fully electric vehicles, meaning that more than half of its global volume will be zero-emissions vehicles, and it will add a fourth by the end of 2026.

“Electrification is removing many traditional vehicle design constraints, allowing us to reimagine what a vehicle can be,” said Anthony Lo, chief design officer, of Ford Motor Company. “The Lincoln Star is a study of experiences and themes that push the boundaries of Lincoln design – and it’s just the start.”

In a nod to the evolved design language of Lincoln, the silhouette is sleek and dynamic and is expanded to create a striking effect. Whether stationary or in motion, the concept uses design, light, displays, scents, and sounds to create an immersive experience for clients. Intelligent technology that enhances comfort, productivity, and entertainment is deployed throughout to bring the romance of travel back in a uniquely Lincoln way. The new Lincoln star on the fascia lights up like a jewel – greeting clients upon approach while giving new meaning to the Lincoln Embrace welcome sequence.

The company’s rear- and all-wheel-drive flexible battery electric architecture and next-generation Lincoln Intelligence System enable the new design thinking and connected experiences the Star Concept offers. The flexible architecture means engineers and designers could reimagine the additional interior space in new and exciting ways to create a unique Lincoln experience.

The feeling of spaciousness is enhanced with 3D-printed metal latticework on the A-pillar along with the windshield and the D-pillar at the back window of the Lincoln Star Concept – visible from the inside out. These transparent pillars, along with a full skylight with a digital shade, invite natural light in to enhance the open, airy feel of the space.

“The Lincoln Star Concept has been a true labor of love for our team and provides us with a platform to share and test our experiences and design philosophy with clients as we evolve our Quiet Flight DNA,” said Kemal Curic, global design director, Lincoln. “Signifying transcendence through both space and time, the concept creates a sense of peace and serenity within an electric experience and previews what is to come from Lincoln.”