Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launches

Justin Trudeau
Photo by Sukhwant Singh Dhillon

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday announced the launch of a new website,, as the Government of Canada says it is committed to being the most open and accessible government possible. 

This website reports publicly on the progress the government has made to deliver real and meaningful results for Canadians. It also gives Canadians a sense of the results they should expect to see and how the government intends to make change real.

Using, Canadians will be able to track progress for each of the mandate letter commitments and top government-wide priorities, such as fighting climate change, advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, growing our economy, and strengthening the middle class.

Over the past two years, the government says it has taken significant strides to fulfill its mandate. This progress would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of public servants, who make a real difference in Canadians’ lives every day, it notes.

Monday’s launch is only the first step and the government says it will continue to improve to enhance its functionality, and update the website often as commitments progress.

Trudeau said: “We’re working hard every day to grow the middle class and deliver real, meaningful results for people across the country. Canadians should have the best tools possible to hold us accountable. That is what is all about. We want Canadians to know exactly how we’re doing, and help drive progress on issues that matter most to them.”


  1. Stop wasting taxpayers money on your propaganda. Some of us were not born yesterday. Some of us grew up.

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