Modi’s visit: VOICE Editor Rattan Mall interviewed by Globe and Mail

Globe2Go - The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition) - 15 Apr 2VOICE Editor Rattan Mall was interviewed by The Globe and Mail, Canada’s most prestigious newspaper in regard to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit. The online version appeared on Tuesday and the print version the following day.

Titled “Hopes and fears: How the diaspora is viewing Modi’s visit,” the article by well-known journalist Mark Hume also featured quotes by other Indo-Canadians as well as B.C. Finance Minister Michael de Jong.

The article was accompanied by photos of Mall and Modi.

The caption with Mall’s photo read: “Rattan Mall, editor of the Indo-Canadian Voice, says the visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is generating both great excitement and concern among Indo-Canadians.”

You can read the article online at

Mall was also quoted in the Wall Street Journal.