MP Devinder Shory welcomes fatwa issued against ISIS

DEVINDER Shory, MP for Calgary Northeast, on Wednresday welcomed the issuing of a fatwa by Canadian imams against ISIS.

He said: “I am pleased to hear that over 35 Imams and Islamic Scholars based in Canada have supported the fatwa denouncing ISIS / ISIL and the recruitment Muslims by ISIS / ISIL that was issued today by the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, which is based in my riding of Calgary Northeast.

“I believe that it is the responsibility of all religious faiths to guard against violent extremism developing within their faith communities and I want to commend all Canadians of the Muslim faith who are making a strong effort to do this. The vast majority of Muslims in Canada are law-abiding Canadians who came to Canada for a better life for their families and their children, and they want nothing to do with extremism. I personally have many Muslims friends who care deeply about Canada and are working each day to positively contribute to our great country.

“I am confident that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Canada fully agree with the conclusion of today’s fatwa which says ‘any attack on Canada will be an attack on the freedom of Canadian Muslims. It is the duty of every Canadian Muslim to safeguard Canada.’ ”


  1. I would like to read the text of the Fatwah, this is a very important step and should be supported by all the Muslims of the world. Where is it posted onlie, I have been looking for hours.

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