Multiple overdoses at downtown party in Vancouver

VANCOUVER Police are warning the public after a group of seven adults overdosed while consuming cocaine and MDMA at a party in the West End Friday night.

“Although the VPD does not typically attend overdose calls, BC Ambulance requested our help. Due to the reported large number of reported casualties at the location, we were initially dispatched to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved,” said Constable Jason Doucette on Saturday.

BC Ambulance notified the VPD at around 12:20 a.m. on Saturday after receiving a call about multiple overdoses at an apartment on Jervis Street near Davie. First responders arrived to find at least five people in serious medical distress, along with others outside of the suite requiring medical assistance. Multiple doses of naloxone were administered by both paramedics and VPD officers.

“This is another clear example of the dangers involved in illicit drug use,” said Doucette. “The local supply chain is clearly contaminated, and we are reminding everyone, including recreational users, to exercise extreme caution when deciding to consume street drugs.”

Seven people, aged 25 to 42, were transported to hospital for further medical assessment.