NCCM welcomes resignation of Conservative candidate Cameron Ogilvie

THE National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) on Friday welcomed the resignation of Cameron Ogilvie, Conservative Party candidate for Winnipeg North, after revelations of Islamophobic and anti-immigrant social media posts on his account.

Ogilvie’s social media posts called for a Muslim immigration ban and a ban on flags from the Middle East, amongst other Islamophobic and racist content.

“What Ogilvie is proposing is not only Islamophobic, it is illegal and harkens back to the days when the Komagata Maru was turned away from Canadian shores,” said Mustafa Farooq, NCCM Executive Director. “Proposing illegal conduct and pandering to fear is unbecoming of any Canadian politician, let alone someone who wants to represent the beautifully diverse city of Winnipeg.”

NCCM continues to call on all parties to ensure that there is no place for racism and Islamophobia in this election and thanks the Conservative Party for taking swift action.


  1. Thank you for standing for human rights. As you know, Winnipeg has a long history of Folklarama since 1970 the province’s centennial year. I was 14 years old in 1970 and remember this milestone. Ethic diversity has been a major part of my life since I was 3 years old. My first friend is of Polish origin. We rode our tricycles together. In elementary school there was a friend who always gave me candy. He was of Irish origin. In junior high there was a Math Teacher who gave of his time to help me. He was of Ukranian origin. In high school a won a friend who helped me with skills development in basketball. He was of Japanese origin. Working at 16 years of age at Dominican Bridge, a fellow employee guided me in this summer job. He was from India origin. Having 1200 students in my high school of every ethnic origin as friends was of enormous benefit and joy. The theme I trying to convey is we need to make friends. That’s it. By the way, the tactful manner your publication handed this distructive person is to be commended. Well done. Love to our friends is easy, love to our enemies is not.

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