NDP MP Zarrillo calls on Liberals to crack down on corporate landlords hiking rents in Metro Vancouver

NDP MP Bonita Zarrillo (Port Moody—Coquitlam) on Wednesday called on the Liberals to tackle the housing crisis in Metro Vancouver.

A recent report shows that West Vancouver has the most expensive unfurnished units. The price for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit climbed to $3,003 in May.

“Families, students, and seniors in Metro Vancouver cannot afford these exorbitant prices,” said Zarrillo. “This housing crisis only got worse under the Liberal government. They’ve allowed greedy corporate landlords to take over homes, to hike rents, and make it impossible for working Canadians to afford a roof over their heads. Instead of cracking down on these corporate landlords, Liberals have made it easier for them to profit off the backs of families desperate for a home they can afford.”

As of May, Zarrillo’s study on the housing crisis is underway in the House of Commons’ human resources committee. Zarrillo proposed to study the devastating impacts of corporate landlords treating the housing market like a stock market to line their pockets instead of making affordable homes available for Canadian families.

“Decades of Liberal and Conservative governments have let corporate landlords off the hook for renovicting tenants and jacking up rent,” said Zarrillo. “British Columbians are not finding homes they can afford in their own cities—this is unacceptable. New Democrats are committed to getting to the bottom of this problem and pressuring the Liberals to act so that no one is left without a roof over their heads.”

Canadians across the country are invited to take part in Zarrillo’s study and talk about how the housing crisis impacts them by submitting their written briefs to the committee before May 28. More information can be found here.

Listen to Zarrillo’s question in the House of Commons here.


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